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Skilled renters prevent homelessness

Keeping Home aims to create renters who have the skillsets to maintain a successful tenancy. To do this, we partnered with local real estate agents and developed the Keeping Home program, which provides current renters or those entering the rental market with competency-based training addressing renting, living and financial skills.

By addressing the needs of property managers, we create real pathways home for renters.


Local property managers and our own Housing Services staff identified an increasing number of current and prospective renters who did not have the skills required to sustain a successful tenancy. Many have a heightened risk of long-term and repeated homelessness. With a worsening housing crisis, decreasing rental affordability and availability we committed supporting renters to improve their renting outcomes.

With the support of the Helen McPherson Smith Trust, we developed Keeping Home training, resulting in renters that are aware of their rights and responsibilities, who can effectively communicate with their landlords, maintain a property, and manage their finances.

How you can get get involved

Our real estate industry supporters are the key to the success of Keeping Home. Join us and support better rental outcomes and prevent rental outcomes.

There are 3 ways you can support Keeping Home:

1. Recognise renting skills

Keeping Home has successfully created renters with improved skills for property managers. But, the final competencies renters achieve must also be recognised by agents as a legitimate qualification that will strengthen a renter’s application. Contact the Keeping Home Coordinator to start supporting skilled renters today.

2. Become a Keeping Home Supporter

If you would like to know more about the program, or would like to become a real estate industry supporter, we welcome you to reach out and our Keeping Home Coordinator will get in touch.

3. Workplace Giving and Fundraising

You can support the ongoing success of Keeping Home and help us end homelessness through Workplace Giving.