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BeyondHousing needs your support to assist people in our community to have a safe, secure and affordable place to live.

With your support BeyondHousing will use donations to:

To become involved contact Celia Adams, Chief Executive Officer, on 03 5833 1000 or email

Make a Donation

To make a donation to BeyondHousing, please use the secure engine of GiveNow.


Make a Bequest

At BeyondHousing, we believe that having a home is a human right. By leaving a legacy in your Will to BeyondHousing through a bequest, you make a commitment that will support local communities and help ensure that everybody has a safe and affordable place to live. 

Whether large or small, your bequest will be valued greatly, because it will leave a lasting, positive impact on the community. You can also choose to have your bequest recognised by BeyondHousing or for it to be kept confidential.

If we can help you with bequests or leaving a legacy in your Will, please call 02 6055 9000. You can also download our guide that will assist you in working with your solicitors if you choose to make a bequest to BeyondHousing.