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About Us

Our Strategy

Our strategy to get us to
2026 and beyond.

We are committed to serving our clients, renters and community in a strategic and focused way. We have a Vision, Purpose and Values to get us to 2026 and beyond, and we hope you will join and support us.

Our Clients

Goal: Increased quality services
  • Improved outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • Expand crisis accommodation
  • Advocate for our clients.
  • Share our stories.
Outcome: Social impact

Our Homes

Goal: Innovative living solutions
  • Grow our housing portfolio
  • Identify creative housing solutions
  • Increase environmental stewardship
  • Measure and reduce our carbon footprint
Outcome: Environmental impact

Our People

Goal: Agile and enabled culture
  • Ensure a healthy, safe and satisfied team
  • Deliver a reward and recognition program
  • Build demographic diversity
  • Foster an engaged and high performing team
Outcome: Employer of Choice

Our Business

Goal: Financial sustainability
  • Enhance philanthropy and identify new revenue streams
  • Create a funding strategy
  • Apply smart systems to integrated data and reporting
  • Drive operational efficiencies
Outcome: Sustainable business