Quick Exit


These stories are bravely shared here by those with lived experience, who have been supported by BeyondHousing.

These personal experiences underline the fact that a safe, secure, and affordable home creates the foundation for change and opportunity for everyone.

Some names and details have been changed.

Illana’s story

Illana is a BeyondHousing renter preparing to exit the Transitional housing program. Illana and her son are packing up and ready to move into her brand new community housing home.

Katherine’s story

Imagine what it's like to live in almost 50 different places in under 5 years. Katherine shares what it was like experiencing long-term homelessness, and the hope and dignity having a home has given them.

Hayley’s story

Hayley has already achieved big things in her time living at the Shepparton Education First Youth Foyer. See what a difference Education First Youth Foyers can make for young people at risk of homelessness.

Ruby’s story

Gaining vital renting experience and a secure home for her young family has given Ruby and partner Kurtis the motivation to start saving toward their goal of one day owning their own home.

Sonja’s story

Experiencing homelessness as a young person can have a profound impact. Support and a home of her own has helped Sonja find stability and improved wellbeing and has opened the door for more opportunities.

Alyssa’s story

Moving into community housing meant the end to the cycle of homelessness for Alyssa and her daughters. They now have their own space to thrive.

Bills’ story

“This isn’t the first time I was homeless but it’s the last time. Being homeless while COVID was everywhere, and lockdowns were on, was even harder than before.”

Jennifer’s story

Jennifer has been in her new home for over 12 months now, providing her with safety and privacy. She no longer fears what might happen if she leaves the house.

Peter and Dozer’s story

Meet Peter and his best mate Dozer. Together they have been through a lot, experiencing 6 months of homelessness, starting with the bushfires and through the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sandra’s story

Sandra’s world was turned upside down when each of the last two rental homes she lived in were sold. In the middle of a pandemic, with regional towns experiencing a housing crisis.

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