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I need help staying in my current rental home

The focus is helping you stay in your current home.

Our Sustaining Tenancies at Risk (STAR) program helps when you are at risk of losing your rental home because you are behind in paying rent (rental arrears). The focus is helping you stay in your current home.

  • Working with your rental provider or real estate agent so you can stay in your home
  • Providing financial help if needed
  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities
  • Finding a more affordable place to rent
  • Budgeting skills so you can stay pay your rent
  • get other services if you want more help
  • If you have rental arrears and need help to stay in your private rental, you can get help if:
  • you are receiving income support payments
  • you have no income
  • you can’t keep up with your rental payments and other costs like utility bills.
  • are a victim-survivor of family violence.

How do I access support?

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