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Policies & Information

We ensure that we’ve got policies to guide all aspects of our service to clients and for renters in a BeyondHousing property.

This includes everything from eligibility for housing through to maintenance and inspections, general renting and privacy policies.

On this page there is also range of resources if you would like to know more about what we do, or find other useful contacts and information.


Renter Policies

  • Eligibility
  • Allocation of housing
  • Strengthening local communities
  • Human Rights considerations

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  • Rental provider (Landlord) responsibilities
  • Renter (tenant) responsibilities
  • Urgent repairs
  • Managing renter damages
  • Changing needs of renters

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  • Calculating rent – long term housing properties
  • Providing information about household income
  • Rent and income reviews
  • Response to changes in household circumstances
  • Managing rent arrears
  • Renter hardship

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  • Renter Engagement
  • Linking renters to Support
  • Human Rights Considerations

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  • Inspections
  • Priority transfers
  • Rent affordability and availability
  • Recognition as a renter (succession)
  • Neighbourhood complaints and disputes
  • Ending a rental agreement

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  • Initial Assessment and Planning
  • Allocation
  • Rent
  • Rental Agreement Management
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Housing Establishment Fund (HEF)

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Brochures & Information

Our key information in an easy to read way

Podcast tips from Celia Adams, BeyondHousing

Useful Websites & Contacts


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