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$1 Billion Regional Housing Fund a win for Victoria

BeyondHousing has welcomed the Victorian Government’s commitment to a $1 billion Regional Housing Fund following the cancellation of the 2026 Commonwealth Games. 

The Premier today confirmed that 1300 new social and affordable homes would be as part of a regional funding package in lieu of the Games.  

BeyondHousing CEO Celia Adams said she hoped some of these homes were destined for the Goulburn and Ovens Murray regions where more than 2500 are on the Victorian Housing Register waitlist. 

“The Games may be no more, but more safe, secure, and affordable housing is a win for many regional Victorians who need a place to call home.”  

In Shepparton, where the community is still recovering from the floods, rental costs have increased by 13.5% to a median weekly rent of $420. 

“That’s more than double the inflation rate,” she said. 

More than 60% of Shepparton renters are also in the lowest income group compared with the state average of 25%. 

In Wodonga, rental prices have escalated by 7.5%, and 2021 Census data reveals a staggering 66% increase in homelessness in Wangaratta.