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Foyer welcomes 200th resident

Shepparton Education First Youth Foyer has welcomed its 200th resident since its opening in 2016. Nikayla Moss, 20, moved into The Foyer in Fryer Street earlier this year.

“Finally having my own space and the support these guys give me, and everyone who lives here, its changed my life. I can commit to my studies and working and I am getting my hairdressing apprenticeship.”

Supporting young people

The Foyer supports young people who are unable to live at home or do not have a stable place to live to achieve their education goals. Young people live in safe, secure accommodation while they study, as well as receiving other support and building skills to become independent adults.

Nikayla was the 200th resident to move into the complex which provides self-contained units for up to 40 young people.

  • On any given night in Australia, 27,680 young people aged between 12-24 are homeless, according to the 2016 Census.
  • More than half are living in severely crowded dwellings, about 18 per cent are in supported accommodation, and 9 per cent are in boarding houses.
  • BeyondHousing data revealed 1 in 5 people that sought help from their homelessness services in Shepparton last year was a young person under 25 years.

Foyer success

BeyondHousing Student Residency Officer Cinnamon Brauman said it was exciting to celebrate the 200th milestone.

“We’ve had really great results with our residents transitioning into the private rental market and achieving their goals in housing, employment and education.

“Residents can stay for up to two years but often see a readiness to move on to renting their own home and independent living at around the 12-to-18-month mark.”