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Peter & Lyndy White visit new homes

Peter & Lyndy White

Peter and Lyndy White, Directors of the Peter & Lyndy White Foundation (PLWF), recently visited some of the many community housing construction projects their generous philanthropic funding is helping BeyondHousing to build.

We have been collaborating with PLWF since 2018. By the end of 2022, together, we will have proudly commissioned 152 homes which will accommodate 218 of our most vulnerable community members.

Meeting community housing renters

Peter and Lyndy had the opportunity to chat to renters in some of the homes that had recently been completed. They also took the time to meet some of the local builder’s working hard to deliver the new homes.

Meeting the renters had a big impact on both Peter and Lyndy. Seeing the difference that safe, secure and affordable housing can make to people’s lives was evident through their time spent talking with people in their new homes.

“Now more than ever there is a massive need for social housing, especially for women and children escaping domestic violence and we believe our collaboration with BeyondHousing will achieve maximum impact.”

Peter White, The Peter & Lyndy White foundation.

Find out more about our partnership with the Peter & Lyndy White Foundation here: